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The following product has received great reviews and is considered the best of the best, I recommend that you check it out:

Best Overall Get Your Ex Back Guide

The Magic of Making Up

Average User Rating: stars-5-0
I strongly recommend that you check out The Magic of Making Up.
This can also be called the encyclopedia of step-by-step plans to re-igniting the flame of your love for each other. Moreover, it’s a resource that bluntly points out what you might have done (or could be doing) to make things more difficult between you and your partner.

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These other guides are also VERY good and worth checking out. I’ve looked at over 25 Relationship Guides (from getting back to your ex to flirting to dating tips and more) and these are the best of the best:

Best Get Her Back Guide
Best ‘How to Get HER Back’ Book - Getting Her Back For Good
Average User Rating: stars-4-51
Michael Webb’s book, Getting Her Back, is all about teaching men how to win back the love of their wayward girlfriends or wives by addressing the root of relationship problems, such as communication breakdown, apathy towards your partner, anger and intimacy issues.

Visit Getting Her Back… For Good
Best Get Him Back Book
Best ‘How to Get HIM Back’ Book - Getting Him Back Forever
Average User Rating: stars-4-51
Matt Huston’s Get Him Back Forever is a book for women who want to get their wayward boyfriends to commit to them once more. If you’ve broken up with your boyfriend and you think the love he has for you can be rekindled, this book will show you how to seduce him back using psychological prompts that will rekindle the flame of your relationship.
Visit Get Him Back
Best Dealing with An Affair Guide
Best ‘Dealing With An Affair’ Book - Anatomy of an Affair
Average User Rating: stars-4-51
Divorce Consultant Dr. Reena Sommer wrote this Anatomy of an Affair after her magazine article on the same topic received readers’ acclaim. I’ve read the ebook, Anatomy of an Affair, and I can say that the advice herein will help couples analyze their relationships to identify the exact prompts that lead to cheating.
Visit Anatomy of An Affair
Best Learning Commitment Book
Best ‘Learning What Commitment Means’ Book - Connect and Commit
Average User Rating: stars-4-51
Connect and Commit by Amy Waterman is the most comprehensive book on meeting the one special someone you can spend your life with and committing to a lifetime of happiness with that person. After reading all three volumes of the Connect and Commit system, I can tell you this… if you’ve ever “loved and lost” in the past and you think you’re just unlucky in love, you need to read this book now.
Visit Connect and Commit
Best Hand Holding System
Best ‘Hand Holding’ System -
Counselor in a Box
Average User Rating: stars-4-51
The best part of it is that you can do the program together, in the comfort of your own home… in your bedroom after dinner or in your den when the kids are in school. You don’t have to spend on gas to go to the counselor’s office, and you don’t have to bear with the suffocating silence that comes when you drive home with your partner after a tension-filled (expensive) session with your counselor.
Visit Counselor in a Box
Best Flirting Guide
Best ‘Flirting Guide’ - Flirt Mastery
Average User Rating: stars-4-51
Once you’re done reading the book and applying the flirting techniques described inside, you should be able to approach a woman easily regardless of the situation and the location. This resource if particularly useful to you if you’re not used to opening up personal conversations with anyone, particularly women, in parties, on the street or in the workplace.
Visit Flirt Mastery
Best Creative Date Guide
Best ‘Creative Date’ Guide -
300 Creative Dates
Average User Rating: stars-4-51
If you’re one of the guys who think ‘being creative’ about showing your partner your emotions is cheesy… do yourself a favor and read this book. You will find out which types of dates get women’s affection faster than a fancy dinner, and which ones will make her fall head over heels in love with you in no time.
Visit 300 Creative Dates

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