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101 Romantic Ideas

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Author: Michael Webb
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Reviewer: Tom Tyler

After having heard of Michael Webb, founder of, I was curious about what exactly goes inside the mind of this guy. Touted as one of the world’s most romantic men, Webb has appeared on over 500 radio and television shows including Oprah. I’m glad I was able to read a sample of his work, and this particular downloadable PDF book of 101 Romantic Ideas is the focus of this article. 

This FREE book (with purchase of 1000 Questions, Getting Her Back or with my newsletter), 101 Romantic Ideas, is a depiction of just how America’s Romance Expert, Michael Webb, views romance. It is full of ideas on how couples can spice up their love lives, and how a person can win back the heart of his or her partner after the ‘honeymoon phase’ of the relationship has passed.

With the exception of “creating a website for your special someone”, and some other items listed here that require special skills (e.g. the ability to play a musical instrument), all the ideas in this book are easy to digest and simple enough for anyone to do. The best part is that you don’t have to be a millionaire to be able to put these ideas to work. In fact, a lot of the things listed you can do for free. You simply need to have the sincerity to make your partner feel special, and a sentimental disposition, to really apply these 101 romantic ideas in your daily life.

Did that perk you up a bit? That’s right, I said “sentimental disposition.” You see, most of the ideas require you to appreciate the simple things that make your partner smile. Examples of these are: giving your partner a hand-drawn card during Valentines; reciting poetry; and taping rose petals (with personal messages) on your partner’s sun visor.

Considering these, you might not be able to appreciate the contents of this book if your idea of what’s romantic does not include wearing matching tee-shirts (with hearts on them) to the mall with your beloved.

However, if you’re in the dark about what really makes women go weak in the knees, and what makes men go teary-eyed despite their efforts to shun anything that spells out ‘sappy romance’, this book is for you. Those of us who don’t have the means to buy their partners diamond bracelets from Cartier can use 90% of what’s inside 101 Romantic Ideas. My suggestion is to use one of the ideas daily for a month at least, particularly if you’re having relationship problems.

In summary, you can use all 101 romance tips in this book to show affection for your partner ‘on the fly’.

This means you can use any of these 101 ideas to make your partner’s heart skip a beat anytime of the day, or during the times when you’re feeling particularly emotional towards your partner.

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