Review - Anatomy of an Affair by Dr. Reena Sommer


Product Reviewed: Anatomy of an Affair
Author: Dr. Reena Sommer
Rating: 45stars

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Reviewed By: Tom Tyler

Divorce Consultant Dr. Reena Sommer wrote this Anatomy of an Affair after her magazine article on the same topic received readers’ acclaim. I’ve read the ebook, Anatomy of an Affair, and I can say that the advice herein will help couples analyze their relationships to identify the exact prompts that lead to cheating.

If something is going on you can’t ignore it.  Get Anatomy of an Affair today!

I like that Dr. Reena Sommer made it clear what she meant by an “affair” early on as this could cause problems if you (the reader) has another notion of what an affair is. I, for one, may have a different opinion of what could be considered ‘cheating’, which includes chatting with others, flirting with co-workers, attending a best friend’s sizzling bachelor party and the like.

Anatomy of an Affair digs deeper than superficial show of interaction with the opposite sex.

 It talks about loneliness as a huge factor in relationship breakdown (See” Loneliness: Feeling Cut Out of Life” which comes with the purchase of Anatomy of an Affair).   Affair, in this case, means letting someone come between you and your partner, and willingly building a relationship that’s parallel to your current one in terms of intimacy and goals.

With this said, if you’re at a point in your life where you question everything your partner does, and you tend to fly off the handle every time your partner talks to someone who you think ‘might’ steal your significant other away from you, you might want to think twice before reading Anatomy of an Affair.

The analysis of human emotion and the possible triggers of infidelity are described in detail in Anatomy of an Affair, which might shake you if you’re just checking to make sure your partner isn’t showing the signs of cheating.

In other words, if you’ve always been paranoid of everything your partner does, the contents of this book might feed your propensity to feel irrationally jealous. However, if you’ve experienced feeling coldness and indescribable loneliness towards your partner and you suspect that these emotions are mutual, this book is a must-read.

You see, the signs of an affair may not be obvious on the surface, but they can be felt like tremors before and after an earthquake. If you’re in a troubled relationship, and you’re in the brink of a break up, no amount of superficial sweetness and show of affection can make you shrug off the feeling of something going terribly wrong. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by reading Dr. Sommer’s Anatomy of an Affair. At the very least you will be able to identify the things you need to do to keep your relationship (and your morale) from hitting rock bottom.

The following bonus books are included with your purchase of Anatomy of an Affair :

Loneliness: Feeling Cut Out of Life – A book on how to cope with the feeling of being alone inside a relationship. You will learn how to open up your feelings to your partner and express your true emotions without guilt or fear of retribution. Moreover, just by reading this book, you will realize the things you’re doing to increase your feeling of loneliness, which is neither productive nor constructive.

How to Tell Your Relationship is Heading for the Skids – This resource is all about the red flags that you need to watch out for in your relationship. Treat this book as your cheat sheet for issues that could lead to bickering, and eventually, breaking up. This book is full of practical advice on how you can manage your marital problems and how you can bring back your marriage on track.

How Valentine’s Gifts Can Expose a Cheating Husband – We all know how sappy people get when the Day of Roses and Chocolates comes around. Well, this is also the perfect time to dissect your partner’s behavior and find out once and for all if he’s exchanging lovey-dovey messages and gifts with someone else.

divorse-and-custody-right2The Divorce & Custody Resource Handbook – This is a must-have if you’re thinking of divorcing your spouse. As early as now, let Dr. Sommer’s advice on how to cope with the legalities and hassles that come with divorce, before you move out.

Private Consultation - This is really BIG.  This is your opportunity to have a free 15-minute private consultation with Dr. Reena Sommer, an internationally recognized relationships and divorce consultant. Get expert direction on whatever relationship problem concerns you now!

Most of the time, people who get left behind or those who get cheated on say ‘they never saw it coming’ when their partners suddenly leave them.  These books will help you identify crucial problem areas in your relationship so that you will never have to worry about being blindsided by a cheating incident.

Anatomy of an Affair by Dr. Reena Sommer is still offering a private consultation (as of this writing).  Order now!!

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