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Product Reviewed: Connect and Commit
Author: Amy Waterman
Rating: 45stars1

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Reviewer: Tom Tyler

Connect and Commit by Amy Waterman is the most comprehensive book on meeting the one special someone you can spend your life with and committing to a lifetime of happiness with that person. After reading all three volumes of the Connect and Commit system, I can tell you this… if you’ve ever “loved and lost” in the past and you think you’re just unlucky in love, you need to read this book now.

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Single men will love Connect and Commit because of the frank assessment of what’s going on inside their head whenever they think of commitment. Single ladies will love the volume on love’s stages, and will learn that true love only comes when some requirements are satisfied and never compromised. Married couples who are going through troubled times may use this book to discover what they can do to become more committed to each other. The fact is, this course has something to offer you regardless of what your love life is like at the moment. One thing’s for sure, Connect and Commit will make you a better lover by busting the dating myths that might have stopped you from really expressing your feelings for another person in the past.

Many of those who have been in rut relationships or have struggled to find someone who believes in them can use the advice in this course to help them meet someone they can be loyal to and vice versa. The main problem in relationships is that you don’t really know if the one you’re dating really wants to commit to you. Because you don’t know exactly where you stand in your relationship, you end up frustrated and exasperated at your partner for making you feel like an idiot. The Connect and Commit system clears things up for you.

You will learn how to develop the correct mindset that will lead to commitment, and how to avoid the 5 pitfalls of committing to someone completely. You might not realize it, but you could be driving your partner away by forcing him or her to commit when he or she isn’t ready. What you need to do is to create an environment of trust and loyalty, so that committing to you becomes a natural process for your partner. If you’re dating a player (someone who falls in and out of love quickly), you will also learn how to deal with the power struggle that comes when someone you love tries to dodge the commitment trap regardless of his or her feelings for you.

When you purchase the Connect and Commit system, you will also receive audio interviews with several relationship experts.

secret-bookRichard Wheeler Interviews - “The Secret of Staying Together: How to Create a Committed Long-Term Relationship” and your-commitment-bookYour Commitment Questions Answered“. In the first interview, you will discover why the “single person” mindset can damage your relationship, how to spend quality time with your partner, and how to manage your other relationships (with friends and family members) while you’re in an intimate relationship. In the second, you will learn how to phrase your request for commitment the right way, and what to do if your partner doesn’t want to consider marriage with you.

communication-bookRenee Piane’s audio interview on “Communication Secrets For A Strong Long-Term Relationship”. You will discover the best way to communicate your wants to your partner, without nagging him or her, and without sounding condescending.

how-to-reignite-bookMarie Forleo’s audio interview on “How To Reignite & Maintain Long-Term Attraction”. You will learn the tricks you can use to jumpstart your love life and your sex life so that you never have to complain about your relationship turning sour or boring.

how-to-get-bookAnd, Mark Joyner’s audio interview on “How To Get What You Want Out Of Life: A Simple Solution”. Listen to this success guru apply the fundamentals of obtaining success in the context of dating and relationships. 

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