Review - Flirt Mastery by Steve Scott


Product Reviewed: Flirt Mastery
Author: Steve Scott
Rating: 5stars1
Bonus Books: 3
Reviewer: Tom Tyler

Flirt Mastery is a downloadable ebook written by dating coach, Steve Scott. It’s a great resource for any guy who wants to be able to flirt with women anytime and anywhere. The main point of this book’s message is simple: you need to incorporate the basics of flirting in your normal day-to-day routine to develop a certain mindset.

Flirt Mastery teaches a natural way for humans to mate.  If you haven’t got it, you need it, today!!

Once you’re done reading the book and applying the flirting techniques described inside, you should be able to approach a woman easily regardless of the situation and the location. This resource if particularly useful to you if you’re not used to opening up personal conversations with anyone, particularly women, in parties, on the street or in the workplace. With that said, the men who can really use this book are the awkward, shy guys who always get rejected by women during the initial conversation.

Although the book and the tips herein are useful, this isn’t for you if you’re looking for a “quick fix” to your shyness around women.

Don’t get me wrong. This book contains some of the most useful conversation hints I’ve read so far, but unlike other “quick dating fix” resources that promise instant changes, these hints don’t merely tell you ‘what you need to say’, but rather HOW you say them.

The bonuses that come with the purchase of the main book are designed to supplement the key points you will learn from Flirt Mastery. Here are the bonuses that Steve Scott is offering:

alpha-male-ebook_3d_min224 Traits of an Alpha Male by Steve Scott– how would you like to be the funny, witty, personable guy who can control the interaction in a crowd, can talk to women about anything under the sun and can get women to say yes to anything he says instantly? This might seem impossible to someone who isn’t “Alpha”.

This bonus book alone will make the purchase of Flirt Mastery worth it. With this resource, you will learn how you can transform yourself from being the shy guy who lurks in bars to get a glimpse of women passing by into the guy who’s in the middle of a group of giggling girls, playing puppet master and pushing the right buttons.

Phone Flirting by Steve Scott– After you’re done celebrating the fact that you got the girl’s number, you still have to call her to set the date and flirt some more over the phone. Here’s where most guys bomb. This bonus book from your purchase of the Flirt Mastery package will come in handy when you’re feeling anxious about the very first phone call. Inside this book you will learn how to lose your anxiety when calling women and how to steer the phone conversation in the direction you want.

Texting Tactics by Steve Scott– This resource walks you through the somewhat tricky process of increasing attraction just by sending text (SMS).  Why is texting a woman tricky? Unlike a phone call, you won’t be able to find out if she’s in the mood to talk to you. You can’t listen to her voice.  You will have to phrase your text message nicely, yet flirtatiously, to grab her attention. If you don’t know what to tell her, you can use the 12 sample text messages listen in the book.  I’ve personally tried these and they worked like magic.

The idea is to first learn what makes women attracted to men, and to bust the common myths and misconceptions you might have developed about women BEFORE discovering how to upgrade your skills to the level of ‘Natural Flirt’. After you’ve learned how to tease women the right way, and hypnotically draw them in using conversation techniques, you can continue improving your game by learning how to flirt even without face-to-face interaction (by phone or text). 
 You see, you need to maintain a certain mindset when you’re interacting with women, even those you don’t plan to ask out on dates. As you probably already know, being funny, being confident and having the playful attitude that appeals to most women are things that don’t come naturally. This means your success with women depends on how well you change your notions about yourself, your insecurities, what makes you desirable and what would make women fall in love with you.

In conclusion, Flirt Mastery is something you want to have if you want to be more sociable, and if you want to develop the skills needed to naturally attract women using conversation, and even without saying anything (using only your body language).

Isn’t it time you got Flirt Mastery by Steve Scott (along with 3 bonus books) now!!

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