Review - How to Find the Man of Your Dreams


Product Reviewed: How to Find the Man of Your Dreams
Author: Bob Grant
Rating: 4stars3
Bonus 15 minute phone call consultation with relationship expert, Bob Grant
Reviewer: Tom Tyler

Bob Grant wows us again with his new book How to Find the Man of Your Dreams. He is also the author of the bestseller “The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave”, which is the book that every girl online grabbed when they realized just how powerful Bob’s advice on self-improvement is.

How to Find the Man of Your Dreams is an Age Old Question - is this a Solution?

This book, Man of Your Dreams, will reveal some secret tactics on how every woman can meet the quality guy of her dreams regardless of her past mistakes in relationships. Experience and expertise with men will not really help you meet the best quality guys around, but planning and strategy will. And, this book is all about these two crucial things.

The bit about strategizing to meet the guy you want makes sense. In reality, you can’t expect the right man to find you inadvertently if you sit back and do nothing. You have to put yourself out there and explore the possibility of meeting the guy you want in the different places you go to. Most women complain about not meeting the ‘right’ men, and end up SETTLING for guys who are lacking in the ‘quality’ department.

This book will also point out the many ways you have been unconsciously sabotaging your chances of finding Mr. Right. One of these ways is your inability to identify the type of man you really want, and you live by your creed to love only a certain type of man… the perfect type… which really doesn’t exist anywhere in the world. This book will encourage you to stick by your requirements but reminds you to relax and have fun while continually being on the look-out for a potential partner… a ‘human’ guy who makes mistakes, but who exemplifies most of the traits you want in a partner. This book will also teach you how to instantly recognize a ‘catch’ when you see one.

Now, a word of warning…. You shouldn’t read this book if you only want to feel good about being single, and you want to remain single. Bob Grant’s approach is not the feel-good type that will make you feel complacent that you’re going to meet the guy of your dreams by doing nothing. His advice will urge you to do something about the void that you feel in your life, and his no-nonsense techniques will send you to love’s blissful valley in no time. With that, I mean you will make the most of the invaluable insights in this book if you really are willing to passionately desire a long lasting relationship in the soonest time possible.

Who should buy this book: any single woman who has felt the bitter taste of loneliness, even abandonment, when she sees her friends getting hitched and finding the One to share their life with.

Here’s Bob Grant’s sweet bonus: if after you read the book, you still have nagging questions in your head that you need immediate answers for, you can CALL him and discuss your love problems for 15 minutes. He normally charges $125 per session, so the free 15 minute phone consultation that comes with this book is an awesome advantage.


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