Review - Pull Your Ex Back

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Pull Your Ex Back


Ryan Hall

Rating: 45stars5
Reviewer: Tom Tyler

In this book, Ryan Hall will walk you through the emotional turmoil of your break up and help you understand the red flags that caused the breakdown of your relationship. If you’ve always wondered what you might have done to hasten the break up process to make your ex think “I’ve had enough of this crap”, the first few chapters of this book will clear it all up for you.

Pull Your Ex Back into your life with Ryan Hall’s fantastic ebook!

When you purchase this book, you will see a chapter that teaches you how to ‘fix’ yourself before you rush headlong into the task of making your ex fall in love again. Most of the books I’ve read on how to make up skip this chapter, but I think this is a huge necessity to getting back together. Essentially, this chapter will help you ‘get it together’ in preparation for your reconciliation. This way, you will have a better chance of getting your ex back in your arms and keeping him or her there.
The best thing about this part of the book is that it makes you understand the uncontrollable panic that comes with getting dumped, and offers solutions on how to turn things around inside your head so that you’re strong and gung-ho when you finally decide to initiate contact with your ex again. However, I understand how many of you won’t like these chapters on internalization because it will seem like you’re adding salt to your already blistering wound. However, if you can understand the concept of healing, then you might as well go through with it. The lessons and the insights will touch on your most painful questions and doubts and bust these completely, like medicine does when it gets rid of your ailments.

When you get to the chapters on “actions” you can do to begin the make-up process, you’re ready and stoked to try the simple technique that Ryan used to get his ex back after a period of no communication. From my point of view, the system he developed is uncomplicated but brilliant. Think of it as the road block that your ex will stop for completely while he or she is on the road to Singlesville. It will make your ex think twice about letting go of you completely. It will even make him or her reverse the decision and head back in your arms.

The author saved the best for last. When you reach the part of the book where Ryan will teach you how to contact your ex, how to set up your date and how to get your ex attracted to you, you will understand the main point of getting it together before you act on your impulses. As a result of your transformation from the loserly ex who wants to get back together into someone who’s a great catch, your ex will get addicted to you.

In summary, Pull Your Ex Back is a great resource if you’re looking to improve yourself, your love life and share the changes with your ex when you get back together.


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