Getting Back Love

connect-and-commit-right-banner1Getting back love is difficult if your relationship has been through a lot of things. If you’re married, you might have lost your romance to your daily chores and routines. If you’re inside a relationship, you might have gone through bouts of extreme loneliness and depression thinking of the times you and your significant other bickered because of small issues.  The real secret to getting back love is elusive, but you have to find it to avoid heart break.

Isn’t it time you were getting back love you deserve!!

The thing that’s making it difficult to inject sizzling romance inside your relationship again is time. Nowadays, when everyone you know is struggling to make ends meet, it’s doubly difficult to keep on being romantic. You can say the stress of staying in the black has crept inside your once peaceful relationship and you have no more energy to carve out time for love and kisses. If your problems have put your relationship on hold, you must do something to prevent it from falling off the brink completely.

However, if you’re someone who won’t give up on your relationship just because of personal problems, I congratulate you. Here are some more tips on how you can start getting back love. Read on to discover what you can do to replenish the romance in your relationship.

1. Small Gestures
First of all, don’t get overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done to start getting back love.  Start with small gestures of appreciation to get the ball rolling. If you have been stuck in the relationship rut for a time now, small sweet tokens of appreciation and love will open you up to more avenues for self expression. Leave small notes (on pink stationery) around the house saying “thanks” or “I miss you”. You can also mail your significant other and ask how his or her day is going to express your caring.

2. Think about your partner often.  
Idly scribbling the name of your loved one on the back of a notepad or gazing at his or her photo on your wallet can increase your romantic feelings towards that person. Be a lovey-dovey adolescent again and think of your partner with the fascination that comes with a bad case of puppy love. Remember, getting back love starts with you, so you must maintain feelings of romance in your heart to be able to express them to your partner. This is a crucial step to making your relationship work. If you feel sentimental about your relationship, your chances of putting your relationship back on track will increase.

3. Take Kissing Seriously
Give him or her a kiss when you wake up, when your partner leaves for work, and when you arrive home. I’m not talking about the perfunctory kisses you share with your loved one on a daily basis. I’m talking about smooching seriously, with your lips savoring the gentle softness of your partner’s. If you remember that time when you were just starting your relationship, you’ll get the giggles long after you’ve shared a kiss. Capture that magic again if you want to be well on your way to getting back love.

Isn’t it time you were getting back love you deserve!!


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