How to Flirt With Women


How to Flirt With Women

Picture this scene inside your mind: you’re talking with a girl easily in a crowded bar and she’s responding beautifully to everything you say. From an onlooker’s point of view, you and the woman are hitting it off nicely and are now in the process of flirting. So, in this scenario, which guy are you? The man who’s flirting with the woman or the onlooker? If you’re one of the men who get contented with just looking at women in bars and envying the way other men can play the game of love better, it’s time for you to learn how to flirt with women effectively.

You NEED to learn how to flirt with women - as the article says, it should be part of your genetic code.

Men have often wondered how to flirt with women, and are always hungry for more information regarding this subject. You can get more flirting tips from other sources, but it all starts with this special concept that I’m going to share with you today.

You see, the real secrets to flirting women have a lot to do with the changes in your own mindset. With this said, you won’t be able to learn how to flirt with women without changing the way you view flirting.

Changing Your Mindset and Being a Tease

First of all, anyone can change their mindset about being a tease overnight. You don’t need to be born with special genes and good looks to flirt effectively. If you’ve been called uptight in the past because you can’t flirt, can’t take a joke and can’t respond to flirtatious banter from other people, then you must first lose your inhibitions to begin learning how to flirt with girls.

If you can get over your insecurities and loosen up completely, you will find that being playful around hot girls is as easy as breathing. Secondly, bust the thinking that flirting is something that only manipulative people will do. Mating is a part of life, a routine every species must do to survive, and you can even say the survival of the human race is dependent on courtship rituals. The moment you think that flirting is “wrong”, you’re killing your chances of succeeding with women.

“Be Yourself”

Learning how to flirt with women does not require a personality overhaul. In fact, if you really observe how the seduction masters do it, you will realize that showing your real personality is the best way to start learning how to tease and be playful around women. To me, flirting is just having fun and exchanging harmless banter. Seduction is just one of the end results of outrageous flirting, but in reality, even friends flirt with each other.

Flirtatious banter is a part of any interaction. It’s a tool you can use to give your special someone a glimpse of the best aspects of your personality.

Remember this when you’re well on your way to discovering how to flirt with women: flirting isn’t about playing mind games. It’s all about communicating your feelings of affection to a special girl and making her feel good in the process.

Being yourself is part of learning how to flirt with women.


How to Flirt With Women

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