How to Kiss Passionately

5270-157047-120x6001When you start becoming romantically involved, your priority shifts from casual to sensual. You’ll start wondering how to kiss passionately so you can take your relationship on another level. Every touch and every whisper is an expression of affection, and more often than not, you feel like kissing each other regardless of the location. If you’re in this stage of your relationship, you might find the following tips useful.

Kissing well is the entrance to the sensual soul!!

Three tips on how to kiss passionately

1. Make sure the level of comfort is high.

One priority in kissing is comfort. You and your partner must feel relaxed enough to just give in to the moment. Can you imagine how stiff your lips would feel if your pre-kiss jitters start acting up right before you share a sweet lingering kiss? Even if the kiss is not your first, your lips must be relaxed to receive your partner’s. If it’s your first time, though, you must be extra careful to kiss only when you’re both feeling comfortable, or else you will end up biting each other’s lips (ouch!).

Kissing after a date is always a risk because you don’t know exactly how your partner would react. Remember, before you master how to kiss passionately, you must first be an expert at building comfort during a date.

Regardless of the duration of the kiss, you can always infuse passion in your smooch by closing your eyes, and just savoring the feeling of sharing something so intimate with a person you like. Think about your partner when your lips touch and your body will automatically behave in a romantic manner. Your arms will go around your partner and your bodies will move closer together

2. Pull your partner closer.

Ideally, you should be hugging when you have your kiss, but close contact is not a requirement for a passionate kiss. For instance, if you’re wondering how to kiss passionately after a date while you’re inside your car (while you’re dropping off your date), here’s how: pull your date close to you by holding his or her arms or shoulders before you lean in for a kiss.

3. Always be caressing.

Once your lips meet, you can let the kiss flow naturally and morph into a deeper one by caressing your partner’s back and nape area. Touching in appropriate but sensual places is one of the secrets you need to discover if you want to learn how to kiss passionately. You must take care not to touch delicate places on your date’s body unless he or she shows signs of wanting that too. Never assume that the passion in your kiss will translate to sex at any time. Even if you’re sure that your date wants it too, you must pull back slightly and seek permission to touch him or her more intimately.

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