How To Let Go

leaving-with-love-right-lwlpb2finalsmlHow to Let Go in 3 steps

As hard as we may try to get our ex back, sometimes it just isn’t going to happen and we need to learn how to let go.

No matter how in control you are normally, an emotional break up will leave you feeling like a pale shadow of your former self. Dealing with a heart break is not an easy task and proof of this is the number of people trying to learn how to let go after being dumped. A break up will affect your judgment and even your sanity. You might feel things that won’t help you recover (like imagining your ex in someone else’s arms) and see hidden motives in everything that other people do around you. If you’re at this low point, don’t worry. Here are some tips on how to let go that you can use to get over your ex completely.

Leaving with Love with teach you how to let go

3 Key Steps on How to Let Go of Your Past Love Completely

1. Reconnect

Your friends and family members surely have missed you while you were busy with your relationship. Now is the perfect time to be with them and show them that they too are important to you. More than giving emotional support, these people can give you back your energy to face life’s challenges in a constructive manner. So, instead of wasting your time plotting against your ex or doing desperate things to get your ex back, focus on the people who will always be there for you no matter what.

2. Be an Optimist

One reason why people never learn how to let go is the thought that they will never be able to find love again. Take my advice and shun bad feelings when they come. Being negative about your future will only do more harm than good. Moreover, you will inflict pain on your psyche by keeping self-destructive thoughts. When learning how to let go, you must stave off deep depression at the onset. And it all starts with keeping an upbeat view of life in general.

3. Write a Journal

Keeping track of your progress and your daily activities will let you monitor your progress. This will also keep you from being impatient about your ability to let go of the past. I know a lot of people who have learned how to let go of their failed relationships by keeping a diary of daily affirmations. Somehow, reminding yourself on paper that you’re worth it and that you deserve better is like giving your emotions a long, leisurely bath.

If you really think about it, there’s no one else who can make you feel better but yourself. Tracking your own actions by writing about them will not only increase your morale, it will also tell you that you’re loving yourself a bit more each day.

If you cannot maintain a journal, you can try writing to yourself instead. Write a long letter addressed to you and just let the words flow out of you. Do not edit your writing and strive to express your grief, your anger and even your desperation through your letter.

Now that you know how to let go, the next step is sustaining your emotional recovery by letting your self-preservation instincts take over. Eat when you’re hungry and don’t resist the urge to sleep. Feed your sense of humor regularly by chatting with friends who are fun to be with.

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