How to Make Girls Laugh

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What’s the real secret to being a ladies’ man? It’s not good looks or a fat bank account. It’s not your car’s model. It’s the way you understand the concept of how to make girls laugh that will win you points in a girl’s heart. Most men know how to get precious “alone time” with girls, but they mess up quickly after they get a girl’s undivided attention.

It’s not surprising that men nowadays receive a lot of instruction on how to open conversations. Pick up lines, the witty and cheesy types, are available in various lists, in books, magazines and forums everywhere. It’s just a matter of saying these borrowed lines out loud and you have an instant way of attracting women. Somehow, getting a woman alone isn’t the issue; it’s the way you follow up this initial interaction that matters.

How to make girls laugh is a critical part of successful flirting.

You can make a woman feel comfortable with you in any setting if you can loosen up yourself and prevent your funny bone from freezing up. This means being relaxed and willing to let your real personality shine through. If you’ve had trouble maintaining the initial attraction you created with a girl, it’s time to learn how to make girls laugh. Here are some tips:

1. Physical Comfort

Don’t be scared of invading her space.

One reality of close, face-to-face interaction is invading each other’s personal spaces. This means you must give yourself permission to touch her while in conversation and to let her touch you. When you’ve reached that level of intimacy, you can let her talk to you in an extremely personal way. She will also welcome your show of affection and even laugh along with you when you crack your jokes.

When you’re alone with a woman, there are still remnants of the nervousness you felt when you first approached. This anxiety is the one thing that’s preventing you from developing your own style of joking, and is the one stumbling block to really knowing how to make girls laugh.

This delicate thing called physical comfort requires you to lose that fear of talking to her. As you probably already know, women have powers of intuition that men will never fully understand. Considering this, they’ll know if you’re feeling nervous and will get turned off when you start fidgeting and sweating like a pig.

2. Be playful.

Once you have the basics of developing physical comfort, you can now be playful around women.  This  means touching her whenever you say something funny, poking her ribs to induce a giggle, cuddling to keep warm and laughing  together at the cheesiness of the situation you’re both in.

With each passing moment that you’re playful with her, she will loosen up more.  Soon, you will be hugging like old friends and whispering sweet-nothings.

3. Share a private joke with her.

One secret of learning how to make girls laugh is knowing exactly when to give her a look that will send her reeling with laughter.  Some guys can make women laugh without really trying, just by looking at them a certain way. If you think something’s funny, don’t hesitate to show it using only facial expression. She will see the knowing look on your face and she will be able to relate. Whether or not the joke’s on you or on another person, showing that you appreciate the joke will make her feel that you’re ok with it and she can laugh along with you.

Learn how to make girls laugh - but ony if you want to be a hit with them.


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