How to Win Back Girlfriend

Magic of Making UpHow to win back girlfriend by being emotionally available

Guys, let’s talk about emotional availability and why this will help you learn how to win back girlfriend after a painful break up. This term might have been coined by someone who wasn’t able to find the exact word to describe how people unconditionally open up themselves to the world. Regardless of how well you can grasp the meaning of this term, the message is clear: being emotionally available means developing the capability to give and receive honest feedback from others.

“How to Win Back Girlfriend” - Take the first real step to getting her back!!

I believe that we can illustrate the concept of ‘being emotionally available’ better if we can enumerate the things that could happen to a relationship if you don’t open yourself to feedback. Hopefully, this discussion will help you plan how to win back girlfriend despite the fact that you have both exchanged so many hurtful words in the past.

If you don’t open up your emotions, you will…

1. Lie about your true feelings

One of the main reasons why guys clam up is the fear of conflict. You might think you’re doing her a favor by not telling her how upset you are about her whining, or how much you resent the way she passes blame to you if something goes wrong. However, did you know that lying once will inevitably lead to more dishonesty?

Hiding your true feelings behind a façade is habit forming, and letting this continue could mean you will never learn how to win back girlfriend. If you can lie about your feelings, you can lie about other things.

Being insincere because you don’t want to reveal your emotions will lead to guilt. Eventually, your whole mindset about how your relationship works will cave under the massive guilt you have built up over time.

2. Create confusion

Women are intuitive, and there are times when your girlfriend can sense out what you’re really feeling, even when you don’t say anything. Clamming up without an explanation will make her assume things. Although she can sense that something’s not right, she’s not entirely sure because you won’t give her an explanation.

3. Destroy her trust

Take the classic example of something that your girlfriend might ask you about: her appearance. If she asks “does this dress make me look fat?” and you don’t tell her what you really think, she will sense it. This same principle applies when you’re discussing your opinions about sensitive issues like your relationship. If you avoid her gaze and give her a vague answer, she will feel disconcerted at the very least. You see, your girlfriend trusts you to always tell her your honest opinion about things; and she probably won’t understand why you’re not being straightforward.

If you want to learn how to win back girlfriend, you must be able to promise her that you will try to be more emotionally available in the future. Do not make her guess your true intentions or your true feelings.

There’s an old cliché that tells us how truth will set you free, and you should learn how to apply this to your relationship by being completely honest with your partner.

Be the man you are and learn how to win back girlfriend!!

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