How to Win Boyfriend Back

How to Win Boyfriend Back by Staying Optimistic

Could it have anything to do with weight?

Could it have anything to do with weight?

Losing your boyfriend can be painful particularly when he promised to spend forever with you, and you dreamed of living a full life together in the future. Right after you break up, you find yourself thinking up ways on how to win boyfriend back and keep him with you for good. It can’t be that hard, right? After all, you’ve been through the good and bad times together, and you have a nagging suspicion that he still feels something for you.

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You’re right, it should be easy to learn how to win boyfriend back if you can get over one personal hurdle that’s preventing you from really reconciling with your ex. The problem is that you alone can deal with this inner struggle that’s keeping you from really making up with your ex boyfriend. Your friends can offer support, and they can even volunteer to mediate, but the reality is this: your chances of getting back together with your boyfriend depend on your ability to deal with this huge personal issue.

So what is it? What’s keeping you from getting your ex back?

Some call it pessimism, while others call it ‘negative thinking’. I, however, call it “the loss of hope”.

If you start thinking it’s absolutely futile to chase after your ex, all the time and effort you will spend learning how to win boyfriend back will be wasted. You will lose the sincerity to give your relationship another shot. You will start experiencing paranoia and depression because your mind will automatically reject any notion that you’re going to get back together soon. Worst of all, this notion of hopelessness will lead to self-pitying behavior, which is the main thing you should avoid.

Simply put, the lack of hope will make you oblivious to your happy memories, to the advice you receive from family and friends, and to the subtle efforts your boyfriend could be making to get back together with you. Can you imagine the scenario? There you are trying your best to figure out how to win boyfriend back, but you fail to notice the small things that could mean true reconciliation because your mind is set on rejecting the positive signs. Believe me, the futility mindset is the poison that will kill your relationship, so you have to fight it before it consumes you completely.

So, how to win boyfriend back.  Here are two things you can do to start believing again:

1. Take yourself out of the box.

If your best friend were the one going through the painful process of discovering how to win boyfriend back, you would be spouting buckets of constructive advice, right? Being objective about your break up will make you see things in a different light. You will see the small mistakes that led to the break up, and the solutions to the main problems you’ve had with your boyfriend. Moreover, you will see the whole relationship from a different perspective, and finally remember how happy you were when you were together.

2. Hang on to a happy thought.

Let me remind you how Peter Pan learned how to fly: he held a happy thought inside his head to keep him afloat. In your case, the memory of your love will keep your hope afloat, and will prevent the onslaught of bad memories from getting to you.

If you’re determined to map out a plan on how to win boyfriend back, you have to stay optimistic about your relationship. Keeping a positive vibe around you will affect everything you do, and it will also make your ex feel that you’re stable enough to finally listen to what he has to say without over reacting.

Now that you know how negativity can hurt you, we can now discuss the issue of emotional reactions to provocation. You’re human, after all; and this means you will undoubtedly react to specific prompts that will test your perseverance to get your ex back.

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