How to Win Ex Boyfriend

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Get Him Back ForeverHow to Win Ex Boyfriend Back by Not Overreacting

Here’s an issue you will have to face when trying to figure out how to win ex boyfriend back: the evil called overreaction. Before we go further, let’s discuss what overreaction is and how it led to the break up you were trying to avoid.

Learn How to win ex boyfriend back!!

I know it’s painful but this is required. You have to look back and go to specific scenarios that happened while you were together. I’m talking about the times when you argued about the smallest things; the times when you felt he did not understand you at all; and the times when one or both of you stormed off infuriated and inconsolable. Now that you’re trying to build a master plan on how to win ex boyfriend back, these heated arguments play a significant role. First of all, these memories will make you own up to how you overreacted to a particular issue that’s so insignificant you can barely remember what it was. Secondly, you will realize just how trivial the issues were.

Here’s the thing: it’s not the issue per se, but the way you reacted to the provocation that caused the meltdown of your relationship. Overreaction, in this context, is the way you let your emotions take over and the way you ditch logical thinking completely.

To illustrate this further, here are some “if only” lines you might recognize:

“If only I didn’t shout at him while he was trying his best to fix the washer…”

“If only I listened to his explanation, rather than throw him out when he came home late…”

“If only I did not overreact when he joked about my cooking…”

“If only I asked him calmly why he was talking to an old girl friend on the phone instead of immediately assuming that he’s cheating…”

Although you can’t go back to these times and undo the damage, you learned a valuable tip you can use to figure out how to win ex boyfriend back. Stop the drama and open your heart to what your boyfriend is trying to tell you. Remember, your partner is only human and he will react to anything you throw at him.

Regardless of his patience with you, and no matter how well he has treated you in the past, there’s a limit to what he can endure. Dramatic scenes are particularly taxing on the male psyche; probably because men never learned how to react when women belt out their whines or start pouring out rivers of self-righteous tears.

If you want to learn how to win ex boyfriend back, you must understand the disparity between real life and fiction. In short, stop romanticizing the fight and recognize a conflict for what it is: something that can destroy your relationship completely.

Most women love the idea of being wooed by men even in the midst of an emotional tornado, like in the movies. In reality, however, the thought of romance does not occur to most men in situations like these. They simply freeze and wait out the storm by keeping quiet; or they shout back and storm off.

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Learn how to win ex boyfriend back forever!!

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