Romantic Date Ideas

Get a prepaid Visa for that date

Get a prepaid Visa for that date

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘romantic date ideas’? You probably have images of sunsets and paper hearts, and you can probably hear mushy love songs inside your head. Yes, I know, it’s too cheesy for words, but guess what? Romantic date ideas are pretty handy to have around just in case your relationship has reached a romantic plateau.

What is a romantic plateau exactly? It’s that time when you feel like you’ve turned into just a fixture in your partner’s life and you don’t feel loved anymore. You feel like you’re something lower than an “afterthought” or a piece of equipment with a “convenient” function in your partner’s life.

Dinner and a movie again??  You Need  Romantic Date Ideas - Be ROMANTIC!

If you don’t look at each other the way you used to when you started dating, alarm bells should sound inside your head. Be alert to the tell-tale signs of losing interest so that you can take the necessary steps to provide a solution for your problems before they become worse. All relationships reach this phase, and so you have to prepare some kinky and romantic date ideas to spice things up.

Here are two romantic date ideas you can try if you want to heat up your lukewarm relationship.

1. Fun Getaway without Breaking Your Wallet

If you’ve always thought about hiking or biking to a secluded spot in the mountains or at the beach with your partner, this is the time to do it. Really now, what’s stopping you from having the outdoor fun you deserve? Some couples can’t enjoy the romantic trek of their dreams because of the price tag, but this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your trip with your significant other if you can think of places to go that won’t be expensive.

More often than not, our concept of romantic date ideas includes travelling to a resort somewhere in the Caribbean. However, the reality is that any change of scene that will relax you both is a romantic way for couples to spend time together. 

Romantic date ideas need not be expensive. Find out which spots in your locality offers a view of the mountains or the beaches and you can plan your trek around that area. If you live in an urban area, check out the new outdoor cafes that offer your favorite drinks and rent a room in a quaint hotel nearby (regardless if you live just two blocks away from the place).

2. A Living Room Massage Date

Set this date up by preparing music and food. Food can be as casual as a large bag of popcorn and as fancy as strawberries with whipped cream. Next, snuggle up on your couch and decide who’s getting the massage first. Throw a blanket on the floor and take turns kneading the stress off each other’s muscles.

A variation of this is the bedroom massage date, for more erotic fun. You can prepare by choosing a lotion that your partner prefers for body massage. Help your partner position himself or herself on the bed and prepare the other things you will need for the massage (oils for scalp massage, and lubricants for more intimate touching).

Romantic Date Ideas - For the ROMEO or JULIET in You!

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