Save My Marriage

save-my-marriage-today-smmt_120x600How often do we hear the phrase ‘save my marriage’ nowadays? So many men and women are having difficulties making their marriage work because of the stress brought about by economic problems. It’s hard not to blame each other for the gargantuan amount of credit card debt the family has accumulated over the years. It seems like all the problems are piling up and you only have each other to vent your frustration on.

Before you utter the words ‘save my marriage’ to a professional, let this guide help you with a DIY. Here are some of the answers to common questions about reconciliation and bringing back the romance in your relationship.

It may not be hopeless - you’ve got to give it a try!!

Save My Marriage #1. “How can I save my marriage if my partner is not always available to talk?”

Right now, you can’t be picky with what job you have to take to keep your finances afloat. This means not being able to see your spouse or your family whenever you want. You will most likely have conflicting schedules. If this is the case, you can still make an effort to communicate with your partner by leaving sentimental items for him to find around the house.
For instance, if your job requires you to leave before your partner, cook dinner for your partner and leave a note wishing him or her a good day ahead. You can also prepare his or her work clothes before you go. Don’t forget to leave a small note expressing your feelings in one of the pockets. Let these small gestures lead the way back to a more enduring relationship. With any luck, you won’t even have to seek your partner out for your reconciliation talk.

Save My Marriage #2. “Can I really save my marriage just by doing cheesy things?”

Yes, you can. When you’ve been inside a relationship for a time, everything that used to be romantic now seems cheesy. Take my advice and allow yourself to get mushy every once in a while with the love of your life. Greet your partner at the door if you come home earlier than him or her. You can also express your feelings right before you go to sleep. This way, your partner will know that you missed him or her during the day.

You can also allot one night of the week for a movie date. Who cares if it’s just a rented DVD and a bowl of popcorn? As long as you watch the movie together, huddled against each other and giggling like high school students, you’re making progress.

Save My Marriage #3. “How can I use sex to save my marriage?”

While most couples don’t let their problems get in the way of their sex lives, romance and sensuality before the act itself can save your marriage. Be open to each other and listen carefully when your partner requests something during love making. A playful body massage will also do the trick.

Loving gestures do a lot to repair your stressed relationship. The way you show your love will let your partner know that you still want to create a romantic atmosphere inside your relationship. This also gives him or her a sense of confidence to reciprocate your feelings.

Today - you must do something - it is up to you!!


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