Signs Girlfriend is Cheating

beatingcheatingbookMost men are clueless when it comes to female psychology.  There are times when you have to trust your gut feelings when something is definitely off.   What are the signs girlfriend is cheating?   Are there really signals that your girlfriend is cheating?   Here are tips on how you can figure out the tell-tale signs of infidelity and what you can do about it.

Isn’t it time you found out for sure if your girlfriend is cheating?
Signs Girlfriend is Cheating #1. Coldness

One of the earliest signs girlfriend is cheating is the ‘cold shoulder’.   This might not be obvious at first, but you will notice a degeneration of her affection for you because she suddenly stops showing sweetness and consideration.    If you notice her coldness towards you, don’t jump to conclusions but observe her more.   The aloof behavior might have been caused by stress due to work or family problems.

How do you solve this?   The first thing you can do is to be more romantic. Force yourself to dismiss thoughts about her cheating.  Remind yourself that you must try to coax her out of the doldrums before you assume the worst.   However, if the changes in her behavior are too drastic, you can’t continue to sit tight and simply let things be.   You have to do something to find out if your girlfriend is really cheating by taking action and  looking for the signs girlfriend is cheating.

Signs Girlfriend is Cheating #2. She mentions a man’s name frequently in your presence.

When a woman likes a guy, she can’t help but talk about him frequently. If she mentions a man’s name, don’t react at once.  Rather, use a neutral tone when asking about this guy or her relationship with him.  Women who can sense your jealousy will clam up fast if they feel like you’re interrogating them.

What you can do: act normally and be more attentive so you can prevent her from cheating on you through your actions. If she still talks and acts like this other guy is special to her, you can ask her.   However, the way you ask her must not in any way tell her that you’re judging her without letting her explain.  Talk to her like you would talk to a friend so that she will be more comfortable about admitting her fault.

Signs Girlfriend is Cheating #3. Complaints

If she complains about your lack of intimate contact or your lack of time for her, you’d better observe her more carefully.  Usually, women complain about these things when they have a point of comparison (i.e. another guy).   Try your best to address her complaints.  Then observe if she’s going to find some other thing to complain about.  A woman who is dissatisfied no matter what you do is hiding something.  You have to find out what it is. T he best way for you to deal with your cheating girlfriend is to talk to her sincerely about her feelings. Don’t go into a jealous rage because you will only scare her.

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