Why Do Men Cheat?

Maybe cellulite is the problem

Maybe cellulite is the problem

Whether or not you’ve been in a deep commitment relationship, you should know that trust is the most important aspect that keeps a couple together. Affairs and cheating destroy trust, and it’s usually the one who strayed that ends up feeling guilty and being compelled to apologize. With this said, let’s talk about a question in the mind of every woman on earth: why do men cheat?

If your relationship is in trouble because your man is cheating on you, here are some helpful insights to understand your man better. Hopefully, at the end of this article, you will realize the major things that men need to be able to stay faithful to their wives or girlfriends.

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Why do men cheat? – Factors that cause infidelity

1. Why do Men Cheat? - Loneliness

Men are more prone to loneliness than women because they cannot readily open themselves up to heart-to-heart talks and emotional conversations over coffee with their pals. When men meet up, they usually talk about their interests and hobbies, not their personal lives. Women on the other hand will always find time to call their gal pals to complain, rant or vent. This emotional outlet is not available to most guys, so they end up keeping everything in until they’re about to explode. Most men seek the company of other women when they’re in this state of extreme sadness. You see, when a man becomes depressed, he becomes emotionally needy, and consequently, becomes prone to cheating. 

Before you ask your friends ‘why do men cheat on me?’, you need to analyze how you deal with your man’s problems, and whether or not you provide a safe haven where he can say anything without being judged.

2. Why do Men Cheat? - Feeling Closed In

A jealous girlfriend or wife can become a burden to a man. He cannot stand the feeling of being controlled. Moreover he cannot accept that you cannot trust him enough to let him do things his way.

Why do men cheat when they feel suffocated by a woman’s love? An affair is a man’s ‘way out’. He cheats not because he wants to leave you, but because he wants to feel like he’s doing something for himself for a change. When you control everything he does, including the people he goes out with, you leave him no room to make his own decisions. His affair becomes his dirty little secret, his guilty pleasure.

What you can do to prevent this from happening: trust your man. Give him enough space to do whatever he wants. He can go out once a night without expecting to get bombarded with text messages as soon as he steps out of the house. Cut him some slack and make him feel that he is trusted as well as loved.

3. Why do Men Cheat? - He isn’t ready to commit

A man matures at his own pace, and no one can force him to reach the level of maturity required to really commit to a monogamous relationship if he himself does not feel like committing yet. Why do men cheat when they’re forced to commit? Your man has a rebellious side that you have never seen before. Call it childish or immature, but there’s no denying this aspect of his personality. The best thing to do is never to force a guy to commit to you. Appealing to his guilty conscience will not get you anywhere. If he’s really not ready to be monogamous, you will end up expecting something from him and getting disillusioned in the end.

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