Why Do Women Cheat?

Why Do Women CheatOne of the most baffling issues that men have to deal with is the issue of women’s cheating. Why do women cheat on their men even when the relationship has been on for years or even decades?

The answers to this question are not as complicated as you think. Women who are unhappy in their relationships often talk about feeling trapped or in despair. What they really want to say is that they want to break free from the tense atmosphere, loneliness, extended periods of silence, aloofness and stress of maintaining a calm attitude towards their degenerating intimate relationship with their men. Regardless of the specific circumstances, there’s no mistaking that women cheat because they’re unhappy with the situation and they want to feel loved again. 

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Why do women cheat when they can simply move out?

Perhaps you’re thinking it would be better if a woman left her man for good, instead of keeping a secret affair. However, you must understand the nurturing attitude of most women. A lot of women won’t readily give up on their relationships just because things are not going well at the moment. They have faith that their partners will soon see the light and give them back the love they deserve.

Looking at it this way, the affair is only a diversion for these women. It’s a small thing that does not necessarily have anything to do with their relationships. Maybe they will also feel emotionally attached to the men they cheat with, but they will always maintain that sense of responsibility for their main relationship.

Why do women cheat on men when they feel unappreciated?

Can you imagine being like a robot doing chores and not getting rewarded for your efforts? Women are more likely to see the injustice in this scenario than men. If you’re in a relationship with a woman and you feel that she’s cheating because she wants to give herself a prize for being a martyr for you, call her out on her indiscretion tactfully and have a long talk about how you can make it up to her. Sometimes, cheating is a bid for attention, and you should respond to her plea for your attention accordingly.

Why do women cheat on their partners when sex is lacking?

Have you ever heard it said that women are more sensually curious than men? This is true. Because of the undeniable link between emotions and the way they sense pleasure, women are more likely to crave sex than men. Women are sensual creatures with fragile egos. They need to be constantly reminded that they’re attractive, gorgeous and sexy. Women are also extremely conscious of their age. If you’re not attentive to her sexual needs, she will look for this type of ‘affirmation’ elsewhere.

Even when you don’t have sex, do not forget to touch her constantly. Hold her close when she’s about to fall asleep and listen closely to her special requests during love making. You will find out more about her sensuality and her specific needs if you keep the communication lines open. Do not hesitate to ask her if there’s something you can do to make sex better for her. Most of the time, women are not after the release, but rather the intimacy that comes with doing the deed.

Take the steps now to answer your own question - Why Do Women Cheat?

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