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Having trouble fixing your relationship? We’re here to help. Providing relationship advice to fix a relationship that isn’t working well is our motivation for putting up this website.

Our goal is to teach you the skills you need to help you get back your spouse/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend if you so desire.  Struggling to let go or start over? No worries. The same skills you will learn here will help you in your next relationship.

We probably all agree that men and women think and act differently.
Whether or not you’ve read the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” by John Gray, you may already realize that these differences exist in you. To summarize, Gray says that women tell their significant others about their troubles because they need acknowledgement.  Men, on the other hand, would rather concentrate on looking for solutions.

Can you see the problem for this relationship there? A woman mentions the problem for it to get acknowledged, while the man starts peppering her with questions in his quest to arrive at a possible solution as soon as possible. Misunderstanding arises, which confuses the woman because all she really wanted was for him to say something like, “I’m sorry that happened to you.”

Here’s another good point that was raised in the book: all people have an internal ‘point system’ which tells of the way we handle things. Women give lots of small points while men give a few big point groups. This becomes a problem when the man expects to get a big point group for a particular effort he made, and the woman seems too stingy to grant him the big point he wants. On the other hand, if the man doesn’t credit a woman for the small things she does to make life better for both of them (like when he waits for a big gesture before he gives her points), she ends up feeling unappreciated.

Another issue that comes up when trying to find solutions for love problems is the concept of ’space’. A woman may not be able to recognize a man’s need for his own space for awhile so he can think better, because she thinks that talking things through will work better. The tension that results from this type of misunderstanding might prompt a man to run away, but he must still stay because of the main factor why you’re in the relationship in the first place.

With that said, we will look at each lovers’ issue from the vantage point of men and women. Through this approach we can better read, study, analyze and learn what about the male and female psyches are causing emotions to erupt.  Hopefully, you will find our relationship advice helpful.


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