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Product Reviewed: 300 Creative Dates
Author: Michael Webb
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Reviewer: Tom Tyler

Let’s suppose you’re out on a date with someone new and you can think of nothing better than a movie or dinner as your main date activity. Before you get dumped on your first date before you even really made your move towards your potential partner, let me introduce you to this downloadable PDF ebook by Michael Webb, 300 Creative Dates. You will get an encyclopedia of dating activities to try, and more “great date advice” from one of the world’s most romantic men.

Come up with something better than dinner and a movie with 300 Creative Dates.

You might be asking, “Why do I need ideas from 300 Creative Dates, if I’m only going on one date?” The answer to this is quite obvious. If you impress the girl of your dreams on your first date, you will share more dates with her (as your girlfriend or your wife). When this happens, you will need more date ideas to top the last one, and then use the best ones for anniversaries, birthdays and long weekend dates. Needless to say, the more you share your feelings with your special someone, the more you will need to use your imagination and creativity to come up with romantic gestures and activities for your dates.

300 Creative Dates will also come in handy if you’re looking to improve the intimacy level of your marriage. Let’s face it, most marriages hit a plateau in the romance department after a while, and for this reason, some people even feel that they married the wrong person. Can you imagine feeling this way for someone you used to share sentimental moments with just because your night out ideas have dwindled down to just dinner and movies? The sad part is that most men don’t mind this kind of situation. Sometimes, it’s a pity how husbands get content with having sex every once in a while and nothing more. Some guys might even rationalize this as “the avoidance of anything cheesy and unmanly.” That’s right; there are more than a few men who feel this way, and obviously, there are also more than a few wives who feel neglected and unappreciated. 

If you’re one of the guys who think ‘being creative’ about showing your partner your emotions is cheesy… do yourself a favor and read this book. You will find out which types of dates get women’s affection faster than a fancy dinner, and which ones will make her fall head over heels in love with you in no time.

300 Creative Dates will serve as your encyclopedia of dating ideas when you’re too tired of thinking up ways to express your appreciation for your partner and what she really means to you. Michael Webb also included several crucial tips you should follow to make sure your date is successful. If you’re going on your first date, you’re going to love the section on what NOT to do on your date.

Here’s one of my favorite parts of the book: 20 dating coupons! Simply put, these are date activities she can “redeem” on your dates or on future dates. If she’s having fun during your first date, she might use her “kiss” coupon as soon as possible, or she might keep it for redemption when you’re in a more secluded location. No matter how you look at it, she will anticipate every single date you plan with her as long as she has these coupons on hand.

Whether you’re in the stage of getting to know your prospective partner, or you’re still mustering up the courage to ask that special girl out, you will need this book. Besides the cornucopia of dating ideas, you will also discover 8 creative ways to ask someone out on a date.

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