Good Questions to Ask Each Other

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Great first dates always end in a kiss or a hug. Can you imagine the scenario? You might think the couple who fell in love during their first date had with them lists upon lists of good questions to ask each other, but this is hardly the case. They must have let the conversation flow naturally, and ended up getting to know each other more through the questions they asked about each other’s interests.

After the preliminaries, it is time for more good questions to ask each other

Depending on how you met, the basics must have been covered already. If you met through a friend, your common pal might have told you a little something about your date.  What you need to do now is to think of good questions to ask each other, particularly those that will make your date open up more about a particular topic.

Here are some examples of good questions to ask each other on your first date.

1. What about your job do you love most?
If your date revealed that he’s in sales, the logical follow up question would have to be something that will make your date open up about his reasons for being in sales. Regardless of the previous knowledge you have of people in that line of work, you will always find something interesting in what your date has to say. Moreover, your date will be able to answer only after thinking about his own motives, his or her understanding of the job and personal views of why a job in sales is interesting.
Do you see the logic behind this question? It makes your date think, and the answer can only be something that will give you a glimpse of your date’s personality.

2. What’s the story behind that accessory, gadget, or piece of clothing?
Good questions to ask each other include those that relate to anything that your date is wearing. Remember, during a first date, you both want to make a good impression so you probably picked out clothes and accessories that are ‘special’ to you in a way. If your date is wearing a nice baseball cap that looks like it has been with him for a long time, you can ask about that. If your date is wearing a colorful tee-shirt with an interesting print, you can ask about that.
Sometimes, the good questions to ask each other are the exact same questions your date is hoping you’d ask. Maybe he or she wore something so that you’ll ask about it.

3. Where do you want to go next time?
This is a crucial question if you want your date to know that you enjoyed his or her company and you want to go on another date in the future. This question will also make your date feel relieved because it directly tells him or her that you liked the date and you’re at least feeling his or her vibe.
When you’re out on a date with a total stranger, questions play a big role in the success of your conversation. You can ask loaded questions (those that allow you to learn more about the person) if you express them in a nice enough way so your date will not feel like he or she is being interrogated by the police.

Want more good questions to ask each other?

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