How to Get a Good Boyfriend

Most women ask ‘how to get a good boyfriend’ without first analyzing their dating history and why they have not found that ‘good’ guy until now. If you’re someone who has been searching far and wide for your dream guy, you’re in luck.  This article is all about how to get a good boyfriend. Moreover, we will also discuss the qualities that most guys are looking for. Read on!

How to Get a Good Boyfriend in one easy step!

Many girls believe that men are just after sex, and that it takes more than that to make these men fall in love. There has been a lot of debate on this matter, but it’s really all about giving a guy reason to love you back. Do not make the mistake of assuming that love comes automatically when you’re always together. I know a lot of women who have dated men who don’t commit at all. In the end, these women still ask the question ‘how to get a good boyfriend?’ like most single women in the world.

Here are three tips you can use to find out how to get a good boyfriend.

1. Understand how men perceive love.

You see, men need more than the feeling of being in love to commit. For them, it’s more than the sensation of floating on clouds when you’re together. Men are prone to enjoying the novelty of a new romance, but once the ‘honeymoon phase’ is over, they start questioning their motives for staying with you.
You have to understand the background of your man and how he has experienced real love in the past. First of all, if he has always been a mama’s boy, he will probably feel loved if you cook dinner for him, ask him about his day and remind him to take his vitamins. If he’s a playboy, you have to understand that he’s still very much in love with the feeling of pursuing women; and will only fall deeply in love with a girl who won’t judge him harshly for his way of thinking.

2. Give him a way out.

If you’re wondering how this tip is related to learning how to get a good boyfriend, let me point out that this is the best thing you can do if your guy is not yet ready to commit. Regardless of his feelings for you, he will feel suffocated if you trap him inside a relationship when he’s not ready to settle down. He wants to have a choice in the matter before he lets his guard down and loves you completely.

3. Stop comparing him to Mr. Perfect

Here’s a crucial step to take if you really want to figure out how to get a good boyfriend.  You see, most guys know that they’re not perfect, and would feel very uncomfortable staying with a woman who thinks so. Just trust that he will do the best he can to make you happy and don’t paint a ‘perfect’ picture of him inside your mind. If you do this, he will feel very awkward apologizing to you when he makes a mistake.

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