How to Win Back an Ex Girlfriend

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Get Ex Girlfriend BackHow to Win Back an Ex Girlfriend in Three Steps

Now that you know about emotional expression, and how important the issue of openness is in your quest to get her back, let’s move on to the specific steps you can take to win her back.

1. How to win back an ex girlfriend by giving her space

Do not feel disheartened by your ex girlfriend’s coldness. She might still be mad at you, or she could be trying to avoid a confrontation. Nevertheless, the fact that she doesn’t want to talk means she still has volatile feelings for you; and this is a good thing.

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You see, when dealing with someone you treated badly in the past, hate is not your enemy, apathy is. If she keeps avoiding you, you know there’s still something there. It might not be the emotion you want her to feel for you, but at least she still feels something for you.

Your ex girlfriend is sulking, nursing her ego and spending time thinking about her place inside your relationship. You can help her recover from all the negativity your break up caused by keeping your distance for the moment. Give her the space she needs to get over her anger.

Did you know that one of the biggest mistakes guys make when learning how to win back an ex girlfriend is acting needy. The more you pester her while she’s sorting out her feelings, the more she will run away.

2. How to win back an ex girlfriend by forgetting the past meltdowns

You must be ready to accept that you’re both starting over. Real reconciliation happens when you stop being defensive about your mistakes, and stop reminding her (and yourself) of the reasons why you broke up.

She might translate your defensiveness negatively. She might think you are trying to justify your mistake. If you really want her to understand that you sincerely want her back, learn to let go of the past by not digging up old issues.

3. How to win back an ex girlfriend by making her fall in love again

You know her better because you’ve spent a significant portion of your life with her. Regardless of the length of time you’ve been together, you know what she likes to receive. Now, it’s time to use your knowledge of her psyche to your advantage.

Prepare a list of favorites and start with food. Girls love it when their boyfriends cook, and here’s your chance to show her that you can. If it’s your first time, perhaps a relative can help you cook your girlfriend’s favorite food.

When you have your post-break up talk, invite her to the place where you had your first kiss. Women are particularly sentimental about ‘firsts’; and bringing her to that place will tell her that you feel the same.

Arrange to have your song played while you’re having your talk. If you can’t ask the DJ to play your song, you can spend time learning how to sing it. It won’t matter to her that you sing like an exuberant frog; what matters is that you remembered your song.

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