My Girlfriend Cheating

Colon cleanse may be needed

Colon cleanse may be needed

Let’s suppose you and your girl started out strong. You know how that feels, right? She is attentive to your needs, treats you like her prince, and is at your beck and call all the time. Then, suddenly, she gives you the cold shoulder after a few months and you end up wondering what you might have done to turn her off. So, what happened? In this article, we are going to answer the most common questions that guys ask after they find out that they’re being cheated on by their girlfriends.

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Is my girlfriend cheating on me because she feels taken for granted?

This is the most likely reason for her indiscretion, and here’s why: a woman will put all her heart and soul into making you happy because she loves you. However, she will cease doing this completely if you don’t throw her a bone every now and then. What does this mean exactly? It means you have to at least say thank you when she shows her affection. Better yet, return the favor and unconditionally give her a gift or at least a kiss when she least expects it.

It’s easy to get spoiled rotten by an attentive girlfriend, but if you’re not careful, she might feel that all her efforts are wasted on someone who doesn’t treat her as ‘special’ anymore.

Is my girlfriend cheating on me because I can’t please her in bed?

There’s a possibility that your girlfriend is cheating on you because she’s not satisfied with your performance in the bedroom. You see, most men crave release, but girls want to feel more than that when they’re getting intimate with their partners. They need to feel emotionally connected with you during love making.
There’s another aspect that you need to consider as far as sex is concerned. Women look forward to foreplay more than sex because they feel sexier during foreplay. That should give you an idea on women’s priorities during love making. They want the touching and caressing more because for them, sex is all about feeling closer to the men they love.

Is my girlfriend cheating on me because she met a better guy?

Possibly, but this depends on your definition of what a ‘better guy’ is. If you think your girl will cheat on you with a guy because he’s better looking, you are sorely mistaken. Women are more likely to fall for men’s personalities than looks. With that said a girl will say a guy is ‘hot’ if he can lead the relationship rather than remain a follower.
This means that you will have to change your mind set a bit, and be the leader of your small pack. Don’t let her make all the decisions just because it’s what she wants. Women want to have a say in everything, but they want you to come up with the ideas. For instance, a woman does not like it when a man says “dunno, it’s up to you” whenever date location is being discussed. If you’ve been acting like a wuss during your relationship, she’s likely to cheat on you with a guy who displays Alpha characteristics (dominant men who can lead).

Is my girlfriend cheating on me because she’s bored?

This is a very good possibility. A woman has a lot of fairytale-related notions when inside a relationship. Blame it on the books she read when she was a child, or the love pocketbooks she consumed during adolescence. She might also have pre-conceived notions of the way a relationship should go. If the scene in her mind doesn’t fit in her current reality, she’s bound to dump you and then wait for some other guy who can fulfill her fantasies for her (her dream guy).

How can I prevent my girlfriend cheating?

Here’s what you need to do to prevent cheating:

1. Show your appreciation for everything she does, no matter how small.
2. Be more romantic in bed.
3. Develop your sense of leadership and dependability to assure her that you’re the perfect guy she can raise a family with in the future. And,
4. Be more adventurous and be willing to try new things.

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