Signs Cheating Boyfriends

Or is it time to move on

Is it time to move on

Do you know how to detect the signs cheating boyfriends display? Most of the time, guilt is often manifested in men’s body movements than their words. Most men can speak firmly and with unwavering voice when they’re telling lies, but their body language reveal the true meaning behind everything they say. Keeping tabs on your boyfriend’s body language can open your eyes to the many signs cheating boyfriends will show. Here are some tactics you can use to detect the signs of cheating.

Anatomy of an Affair also helps with the signs cheating boyfriends display!!

Signs Cheating Boyfriend #1: Weird phone etiquette.

Does he try to hide his phone screen from view when he’s reading messages? Look out for slight tilting of the phone when he’s reading or answering messages. Watch him take a call from afar and observe the way he holds the phone to his ear. A man talking to a client or a business partner will sit up straight and maintain a rigid posture. Someone who is talking to a lover will lean on one side. If he’s flirting, he will twirl the cords of the phone around his fingers. Also, observe his behavior right after he puts down the phone. Is he smiling, is he lingering on the phone or taking a deep breath and looking dreamy?

These signs cheating boyfriends exhibit should alert you to the possibility that there is another girl in your man’s life. You can handle this cheating incident without much drama by asking directly. If he denies it and reacts defensively, let it go for now and look for more clues.
Signs Cheating Boyfriend #2: The Ready Excuse

You can tell your boyfriend is lying to you when he comes up with a ready excuse whenever he does something out of the ordinary. He may look nervous judging from the way his hands shake while he’s waiting for you to reprimand him for being late or for not doing what you wanted (come home for dinner, not meeting with you as planned, etc.).

Signs Cheating Boyfriend #3: Unexplained Absences

Sure signs cheating boyfriends display is unexplained absences. Sometimes, men are so deep into their affairs that they just forget everything about their girlfriends. Another theory that may explain this absence is this: he doesn’t want to hurt you directly so he stays away before you finally make him own up to his infidelity. Men cannot handle drama well, so they don’t want to stick around to see you cry. They also want to avoid the confrontation and questions that will come when they tell you the truth face to face.

What you can do: after you’ve asked a few times (three times, ideally), stop asking him and simply wait for him to come right out and say it. More often than not, men are bursting to tell you but won’t readily open up while you’re being paranoid and aggressive. The fact is, keeping the affair a secret is also hurting them psychologically. Sooner or later, he won’t be able to bear the pressure and tell you about the affair in his own time.

Playing the waiting game is inevitable when your boyfriend is cheating on you. However, the most important thing to do when you’re dealing with a cheater is to keep cool. You will feel anger and frustration, of course, but you should keep a level head while you’re listening to his explanation. Is there still hope for your relationship after his affair? Yes, but it all depends on how you handle this cheating incident. If you’re calm and composed, your boyfriend will feel more at ease asking for your forgiveness. If you throw him out, he will stay away and leave the relationship for real.

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